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A Bansuri player and a composer, was born in Israel. In his early career, Roy played the trumpet and performed jazz in Israel and New York, where he collaborated with a variety of artists in different genres including jazz, salsa, funk and flamenco. He performed in numerous bands at music festivals around the world including New York, Spain, Israel, Germany, Czech Republic and Costa Rica.

After experiencing a difficult phase in his life Roy went to India on a spiritual journey where he discovered the ethereal sound of the bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) where it is played Hindustani classical music; the traditional music of northern India. He became a disciple in the lineage of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the world famous master of Hindustani classical music, the “living legend of Bansuri”, honored and awarded internationally for his music.

Pursuing his fascination with improvised raga music and flute playing, he decided to dedicate himself to the bansuri and remained in India to master it and after several years of intense practice, he won the praise of Indian audiences and his lauded teachers for his authentic renditions of raga melodies. There, he recorded his first album \”Unexpected Journey\”.

Since settling down in Berlin in 2017, Roy has been performing both as a solo artist and a band leader, and collaborating with different artists in the world music, sound journey meditation music, at ecstatic dance events and yoga events. Together with Ivan Sobolew, they established a new Project; The 3rd – Piano meets Bansuri, a love story.





His captivating and enchanting performances transport audiences to other realms, offering a sense of peace, as Roy Sunak blends unbounded creativity and tradition.



Roy Sunak | Musician | © Roy Sunak 2019
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