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Roy Sunak is here with music that will bring a feeling of spirituality and well-being into music”


Roy Sunak is a Bansuri player and composer. By combining elements from Jazz and classical Hindustani Music with his Israeli cultural heritage, Roy creates unique compositions under the theme of Neo-Oriental World Music as showcased in his latest album Tear in The River (December 2022).

This unique style was able to gain broad recognition by winning the Grand Prize of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the category World music.

Roy’s music evokes the full range of emotions in his audience, from soothing and grounding spheric sounds to highly engaging rhythms and ornaments. With both emotional lightness and depth, Roy gently tells stories with the Bansuri – meaningful and touching stories about connection, friendship and life itself. With his play, he offers his listeners to take them away on a journey of experiencing a deep connection with the Bansuri, one another and everyone’s own life journey.

Roy creates and performs as solo artist as well as in various ongoing collaborations and projects with international musicians, ranging from duo to quartet. 

The new album Tear In The River is reviewed and played in various Radio stations in UK and Ireland, such as Amazing Radio, Blastfm and more.

“Roy Sunak’s musical display on the single is a unique yet fantastic musical display that gives a sound that we don’t hear often” said in a review on a single from the album – Berceuse pour le petit Jean Pierre.

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Live video – Mosaic Trio

Live video – Roy & Mayiia – Spiritual Journey

Live video – World Music connection

His captivating and enchanting performances transport audiences to other realms, offering a sense of peace, as Roy Sunak blends unbounded creativity and tradition.

Roy Sunak | Musician | © Roy Sunak 2019
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