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Sound Meditation

\”Roy Sunak & his Bansuri Flute will take us on a spiritual and meditative journey.\”

Sound Meditation combines music and mindfulness meditation, so you can dive in deep and connect to the present moment. This reduces stress and takes you out of your daily distractions and brings you back to yourself. With that, we can be fully open to receive the precious gift and the beauty of music.

As a human being we perceive our world through our five senses. The world stimulates all our five senses which makes it more difficult for us to look into the subtle levels of awareness.

However, the senses can also be used purposefully.

Through sound meditation we consciously redirect the flow of energy with the hearing sense into our body and thus prepare ourselves to welcome the music. We will learn to appreciate it and to look deeply at the qualities of sound and silence, to observe ourselves and the outside world through music.

Sound and silence are everywhere and in every moment of our life. Through Sound Meditation I will show you how to apply this method in your daily life for achieving Calm – abiding.



Roy Sunak | Musician | © Roy Sunak 2019
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